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          1. 發布時間:2019-05-15
          2. 工作地點:上海
          3. 職位類型:兼職實習
          4. 來源:上海對外經貿大學
          5. 職位:辦公室行政助理

          單位名稱 英中貿易協會上海代表處
          主題 辦公室行政助理-短期實習6個月 招聘截止日期 2019-05-31
          應聘網址 http://www.cbbc.org/about/careers/ 簡歷投遞郵箱 youi.zhao@cbbc.org.cn

          Internship Positions/Maternity Cover – CBBC Shanghai

          China-Britain Business Council

          Location: Shanghai


          Commencing: June 2019

          Duration: 6 months


          Allowance: Competitive allowance range between RMB 3000 - 5000, based on matched qualification and experiences


          The China-Britain Business Council (CBBC) is the leading organisation helping UK companies of all sizes and sectors, whether new entrants or established operations. CBBC has worked with China for over 60 years and our team has extensive experience of doing business there. We offer practical in-market assistance, services, industry initiatives and a membership programme delivering access, market intelligence, seminars, and networking through our network of 13 locations in China and 11 in the UK.


          CBBC works closely with a range of partners across the UK and China, including the UK Department for International Trade (DIT).  For more information about us, please visit our website at www.cbbc.org.


          Main duties and responsibilities


          CBBC is seeking a full-time maternity cover to assist the Finance and Admin team in the Shanghai office. The intern/maternity cover will be reporting to the Finance and Operation Manager, East China and will assist with a variety of tasks and activities of operation team.


          Working scope:


          • Office Admin function:

          1. Handle CBBC SH office Security/Admin maintenance, such as answering operator, booking meeting room via outlook, connecting with office cleaner, booking office stationary on monthly basis, arranging courier including package collecting and documents delivering. And other admin tasks assigned based on requirement.

          2. Handle company business travel arrangement service including the reservation of air ticket, train tickets, hotel, car...as well as offer collection service of travel expenses for directors/executive directors and ensure all business travel bookings align with company financial policy.

          3. Play the role for Shanghai office IT support, work closely with IT manager in BJ/locally IT outsourcer to make sure all IT equipment running well. (copy machine, IT server, all staffs laptop and desktop)

          4. Support to complete admin preparation for new staffs(IT setup, extension number checking, building entrance guard card/office entrance guard card/printing card preparation, name card printing…) Also support to complete admin part of exit process for exit staffs.


          • Office Operation Admin function:

          1. Support to collect all related information from difference sector lead which need use CBBC REP LOGO and would like to organize the activity in the name of CBBC REP office and get the approval from management team.

          2. Maintain communication with PSB, CCPIT to make sure all the documents which declared to government authorities hits the deadline and latest regulation. And learn the latest policy from difference government authorities then upload the approved materials to relevant website.


          • Finance function:

          1. Support REP office income declaration and visit ICBC Bank to submit the declaration documents, and the get the bank statement from bank on site monthly.

          2. Support to issue the Fapiao for CBBC REP office  from tax bureau (For example: COC event  held in Shanghai last year, we need raise all ticket invoices from local tax bureau)

          3. Handle all admin bill receives from difference suppliers, such as landlord, copy machine rental company, stationary provider, travel agency…generate Purchase Order, get the formal Fapiao and finally pass to finance manager to process the payment.

          4. For core team staffs, check Shanghai staff’s expense 1st review which enclosed their line manager’s expense approval. For locally Launchpad staffs, check expense 1st review as well as seeking for their line manger’s approval and finally pass to finance manager to process the payment.

          5. Support finance manager to issue the Fapiao  for CBBC WOFE and visit tax bureau when she is super busy.


            The intern/maternity cover will report to the Finance and Operation Manager, East China.



            The ideal candidate will meet the following criteria:


          • Diploma holder, major in English or administration; knowledge and experience in office Admin and finance are preferred;

          • Good command of both written and spoken English;

          • Skillful in Microsoft Office;

          • Self-motivated, proactive and open minded;

          • Willing to assist other departments/staff for any urgent issues;

          • Well organised, and ability to work efficiently in order to meet deadlines and requirements;

          • Superior attention to details;

          • Excellent inter-personal and communication skills;

          • Capable of assuming Office receptionist/Office Assistant role.

          職位(1): 辦公室行政助理-短期實習
          需求人數 1-5人(3) 工作類型 實習 工作所在省份 上海市 工作所在市 上海市
          職位類別1 30-辦事人員和有關人員 職位類別2 年薪(萬元)
          生源地要求 工作所在地優先 性別要求 不限 外語語種要求 英語  
          學歷 專業


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