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          1. 發布時間:2019-05-17
          2. 工作地點:上海
          3. 職位類型:兼職實習
          4. 來源:上海財經大學
          5. 職位:實習生

          Internship at Fredrikson & Byron P.A. Shanghai Office


          Fredrikson & Byron P.A. Shanghai office is looking for high caliber PRC law school students to join our 2019 internship program. The internship starts from July 2019.


          1.         PRC top- tier law school students who will graduate in 2020 / 2021, post-graduate students are preferred.

          2.         Smart with strong academic credentials, good communication skills and a team player.

          3.         Candidates who have passed the Chinese bar exam are preferred.

          4.         Good command of English, both writing and oral. bi-lingual Legal translation skill is a must.

          5.         Good skill in MS office such as word processing and power point.

          6.         Previous internship experience at law firms will be a plus.

          7.         At least 4 days a week , a consecutive of 4 plus months availability is required.

          The Interns will have opportunity to work with the team cross shanghai and the US, including the partner in the office. During the Internship, we will pay an allowance of RMB200 per day. 

          How to apply: Email your application (cover letter and CV ) to Helen Yao - hyao@fredlaw.com

          ( put your email subject as: 2019 internship_School Name_Applicant Name )

          Introduction for the firm: At Fredrikson & Byron, we have built a reputation as the firm “where law and business meet” by bringing business acumen and entrepreneurial thinking to our work with clients, and by operating as business advisors and strategic partners as well as legal counselors. Clients have relied on us since 1948 for great solutions that help them minimize legal risks and maximize business benefits. For more information, please visit our website: www.fredlaw.com


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